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I have lived and worked 50 years in Switzerland.

The first few years were spent on the Bodensee, then school in Lucerne. Geneva was next with my University studies and adult life. I moved to Australia for another 20 years, the main reason being to bring my children closer to their father.

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Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy and serenity.
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Lawrence, South Australia

From the word go, Mariana is zooming into the zone, and literally downloading the real data, which is connecting straight away with my personal reality.She describes my calling in this life time.The meaning, why I have chosen my parents.My way of relating to the partner and vice versa.All scenarios, she obviously can’t know, that they exist, in exactly that particular way.That’s the proof that she is spot on.The name of a State in North Germany ‘Schleswig Holstein’, the location of my brothers new place of living came up, in a different language ?!My sisters involvement in the will, in conjunction with my brother according to the local law is accurate.My elderly mother's life circumstances, as a result of her lifelong behaviour.Mariana is crystal clear in every aspect.This insight session for me,was a pure gift from Mariana - for me to immediately understand, confirming the job at hand, and to be ready for future events and the people involved. “

V, Australia

Mariana is a rare one-off.The real deal.Covers it all.You needn't go anywhere else.Mariana is gracefully straight forward with accurate insight with her psychic abilities.On a mediumship level if you are looking to reconnect with a loved one, Mariana is the best person to provide the clear conduit. I am often pleasantly surprised who comes through and savor the sweet relief to reunite in spirit.Once you have a session with Mariana you will always have a reliable source to consult with which is a tremendously powerful gift for yourself.HIGHLY recommend.

J, India

I would encourage anyone to engage with Mariana.The experience will enrich your lives.

Malcolm, Singapore

Mariana, your wisdom has been greatly appreciated. I feel understood, have better insight into my complex thoughts, fears and emotions. Your guiding vision of me and my struggles has been so helpful in getting one step ahead at a time. I have achieved a big dream believing in my self. Thank you for being there with so much patience, love and care.

Silvia, Tasmania

This is great advice, I feel better after talking to you. I am feeling very uneasy about the person and nervous to tell him that I want to stop the relationship. With your support I know what to say and how to say it. . I am so lucky I have you to help guide and support me for so many years. Thank you immensely.

Dawn M, NZ

I have know Mariana several years. I can say without doubt that nobody has effected me by enabling me to grow on all levels like she has.Mariana has such a beautiful pure wisdom that I have often thought " if I don’t grow from this woman’s words it’s totally my loss and weakness". I honestly believe she is a light to guide, teach and heal. Heaven sent.

From Belinda

Très chère Marianne, Vous avez fait un grand voyage de vie avec moi. Tu m'as aidé tout au long. Tu as joué un rôle central à chaque étape et je ne serais pas dans l'endroit merveilleux où je suis maintenant sans toi xx Belinda

From Belinda

Dearest Mariana, You have been on a major life journey with me. You helped me all the way through. You were pivotal at each step and I would not be in the wonderful place I am now without you xx Belinda

From K, Australia

Your words are so empowering, you must write a book!  You have a gift to help others empower themselves.  A true born healer. K, Australia

Tina, Melbourne

"Darling, you are phenomenal, fantastic, you haven't missed a beat. Blessings beautiful Lady"

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